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National Water Conservation Awareness Centre

The Energy and Water Agency

The Energy and Water Agency is a Government Agency established within the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development. Set up in 2014 the Agency is tasked with formulating and coordinating the implementation of Government’s national policies in the energy and water sectors, aimed at ensuring security, sustainability and affordability of energy and water services in Malta.

The Agency is also entrusted with the implementation of key national projects in the energy and water sectors and for working with key stakeholders involved in the implementation of these projects.

These projects include: The National Water Conservation Campaign (Water – Be the Change), GĦAJN– National Water Conservation Awareness Centre, the Rehabilitation of Chadwick Lakes and the Upgrading of National Hydrological Monitoring Networks. The Agency also works with various Government entities to help guide the alignment of their programmes and objectives with the those established under national energy and water policies.

About Għajn

The Għajn Centre opened its doors in April of 2017. The Centre aims to raise awareness on the challenges facing the water sector in the Maltese Islands.


The sustainability factor is the main feature recurring throughout the GĦAJN: National Water Conservation and Awareness Centre, as seen from the design of the building itself and its surroundings.

Where does the name come from?

In our language, ‘Għajn’ refers to a natural source where water outflows – a spring. The Rabat area where the GĦAJN Centre is located hosts several freshwater springs.

Explore Għajn


All educational activities held at the centre are based on principles of Education for Sustainable Development.


During excavation works in preparation for the construction of the Għajn Centre, very interesting archaeological findings were unearthed.


At the Għajn Centre one can also find a weather station. Instruments located within this station include a rain gauge, radiometer, wind vane, pressure meter

School Projects

The LIFE Integrated Project supports the implementation of Malta’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan through the undertaking of several measures aimed at optimising the use of water resources in the Maltese Islands.


The Għajn Centre has launched a series of online resources to broaden its educational message on water conservation. 

Open Week

During the years, Għajn strives to keep in contact with the public to showcase its educational efforts in the fields of energy and water. For this reason, a number of Open Days have been organised at the Centre to engage audiences. These events shed more light on the work being done with students and adults at the Centre together with numerous water and energy related activities specifically prepared for the days such as, animation, children’s theatre and water cinemas.​