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All educational activities held at the centre are based on principles of Education for Sustainable Development. The activities are learner-centred, hands-on, discover-based and participatory, linked to the students’ everyday life and with a local-global perspective.

The main attraction at the Ghajn Centre is the interactive screens. There are 6 main games that are run on these interactive screens. Each activity is targeted towards a different age group, which follows also the local school syllabi. The themes presented in each activity also tackle a number of different sustainability issues.

Another activity at the Centre is the interactive sandboxes, which is an all-inclusive educational activity. It is aimed for all children, of various ages and different abilities. It is a tactile activity; so it creates a greater rate of information retention and level of participation, as it permits children to test and also stretch their imagination. It provides a potentially soothing sensory experience; and is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive, and social skills.

Our Games




Water Cycle


Fairly Hydrated Knight


Water Hero


Utility Operator

The Renewables

Energy Efficiency