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The Għajn Centre has launched a series of online resources to broaden its educational message on water conservation. These resources are in the form of short virtual lessons aimed at primary school students. These lessons focus on water management in the Maltese Islands and although they are mainly targeted towards younger audiences, they can easily be enjoyed by the general public, students, teachers and parents alike. 


These lessons are delivered using puppets and are in the form of a short sketch, one can also find videos and pictures that will aid the understanding of the issues presented during these lessons.

The Water Cycle

The first lesson titled The Water Cycle, sees Zoe and the Dragon (two of the interactive game’s

mascots), all alone at the Centre and discussing the natural cycle that water goes through on the Maltese Islands. This lesson is mainly targeted towards Year 4 students (aged 7 to 9 year olds).

Water in the Maltese Islands

The second lesson tackles the issue of ‘Water in the Maltese Islands’. Once again we meet Zoe and the Dragon, and during this short sketch Zoe has the difficult task of explaining the water

management of groundwater and water production on the Maltese Islands to the Dragon. The

target audience for this lesson is that of 7 to 10 year old students (Year 4 and 5).

The Water Footprint

‘The Water Footprint’ which is the third lesson, sees Zoe and the Dragon discussing that water is not only used for cleaning, drinking and cooking purposes but it is also used for the production of food and other resources used in our daily lives. This lesson is also targeted towards children aged between 7 and 10 years of age.

Saving Water Part 1

In the coming 2 sketches titled ‘Water Saving’, we shall be meeting another two puppets together with Zoe and the Dragon. Our two mascots go out and ask a farmer on how he saves water in his fields and a neighbour on how she saves water at home. The target audience for this lesson is mainly Year 5 students (students aged 8 to 10 years old).

Saving Water Part 2

During the second part of ‘Water Saving’, Zoe and the Dragon discuss what they have found out during their short interviews with the neighbour and the farmer and how one can save water at

home and during agriculture use. Once again, the target audience for this lesson is Year 5 students.