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School Projects

The LIFE Integrated Project supports the implementation of Malta’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan through the undertaking of several measures aimed at optimising the use of water resources in the Maltese Islands. Action C.4 under this project focuses on educational activities promoting the conservation of water resources.

LIFE School Projects

These activities include an annual call for project initiatives to be undertaken in schools to promote the better use of water resources. These project initiatives include an educational dimension aimed at ensuring the active participation of students in the development and implementation of the initiative. This in order to increase awareness in students of the need to optimise the use water in the Maltese islands.

The themes for these projects are Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation, and the projects tackle one or both of these themes. The projects need to be identified by the students and the activities evnsiaged as part of the project need to be undertaken in the schools and/or their immediate surroundings. A comprehensive approach, and therefore involving the whole school, must be applied for the activities.

During the past 5 years we had a number of schools that took part in this initiative



School Title More Info
1 San Lawrenz Primary Gozo Research on Rain Water Harvest
2 Vittoriosa Primary Water Conservation
3 San Gwann Primary If Everyone saves a little: we save a lot
4 St Nicholas Primary Rabat Fun walk for Water
5 Maria Regina College: Resource Centre Protecting Nature and Ourselves
6 San Gorg Preca Primary Paola Save Water
7 St Nicholas College Secondary Grounds for Greening
School Title More Info
1 Immaculate Conception Tarxien Reuse of Collected Rain Water and Filtered Water
2 San Gwann Primary School Save a Million Drops in a Minion
3 Savio College Rain Water Harvesting: Sustainability of Afforestation Project & Agricultural Project
4 San Gorg Preca College Hamrun Secondary Water Fountain and Rain Water Harvesting Project
5 San Gorg Preca College Valletta Primary Rain Harvesting and Roof Garden
6 Gozo College Sannat Primary & Special Unit Harvest the Drop to Harvest a Crop
7 St Nicholas Colege Mtarfa Bringing Water to Life in our School
8 Maria Regina College: Wardija Getting Greener
9 Santa Margerita Isla Primary Water Conservation
10 St Benedict Safi Primary Water - The Precious Liquid
School Title More Info
1 St Nicholas Primary Mgarr Change of leaking and defective Taps
2 St Margaret College Primary Vittoriosa Installation of an irrigation system for Watering Crops
3 San Gorg Preca Primary Valletta Don't waste Water
4 Gozo College San Lawrenz Hoarding a Treasure
5 Gozo College Secondary School Every Drop counts
6 Savio College Save Water, Save Life
7 St Monica Gzira Water Saving Push Taps for the School Extension
School Title More Info
1 St. Gorg Preca Valletta Primary Drip irrigation/ replacement of taps
2 Savio College Dingli Cleaning of cesspit to reuse as secondary water
3 St. Nicholas College Rabat Primary Buying of reusable bottles
4 St. Edward’s College Cleaning and mapping of water catchment system
5 Naxxar Induction Hub Collection of rain water to water vegetable patch
6 St. Paul’s Missionary Rabat Collection of rain water and monitoring water levels
7 St Gorg Preca Floriana Primary Water Tanks and painting
8 St Theresa B’Kara Middle School Renovation of well and irrigation

Transfer of Knowledge Projects

The transfer of Knowledge Project is a school competition divided into three separate categories (story telling, photography and other art forms). Students are encouraged to seek past domestic and agricultural water management practices from parents and grandparents who remember a time when water was communally perceived as a scarce precious resource and great effort and care had to be made to use water efficiently and to harvest rainwater. Students shall need to depict this information through a chosen art form. The objective of this action is for children to speak to their elders about water management to transfer this knowledge between generations and to preserve and disseminate this knowledge through art.



School Title More Info
1 St Thomas More College, Secondary School, Zejtun Traditional Water Use in Malta