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At the Għajn Centre one can also find a weather station. Instruments located within this station include a rain gauge, radiometer, wind vane, pressure meter etc). During school visits the students are given remote access to the data system of the weather station through tablets, where they can download monitoring data and compare the readings of the different instruments. The educational activity includes the presentation of the variation of weather data over different time periods and also an investigation on the correlation between different weather parameters.

The instruments included in the weather station are:

Barometer: A barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure,

Radiometer: is a device that measures the strength of radiation (energy) coming from the sun.

Wind vane: A weather vane or wind vane is an instrument for showing the direction and strength of the wind.

Evaporation pan: An evaporation pan measures the level of evaporation from a free water surface at a given location.

Rain Gauge: A rain gauge is an instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the depth of rainfall in a given area.